Friday, 28 January 2011

chillin out Thursday!

Timmy and Bea love cuddling!

We three kitties snoozing together.

Our younger owner loves to surround us with toy kitties!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Introducing Timmy Button and Bea

Timmy looking cute and so relaxed!

Timmy is a year old. Very sweet and a bit of a scaredy cat and always has been. He was sooo tiny when he first came to live with us. Timmy enjoys sitting by the pond and catching flies and moths in the summer.

Buttons on the left looking chilled out!    
 Buttons is a chocolate tabby point Tonkinese. He is very loving and extremely cheeky and loves to scratch carpets and chairs! Likes trying to steal food and loves green beans. Once nick named the 'bean thief' !!

This is the pretty girl called Bea.

Bea is also 1 year old (although younger in this picture). Bea is one of the most loving cats that I have ever had. Loves to chase her tickler feather toy and does back flips to catch it!

Welcome to Kitty tracks