Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bea in recovery.

Just to say that our lovely Bea got hit by a car nearly 3 days ago and someone kindly stopped and rushed her to a vets, to which I'm forever grateful. Bea had severe head trauma on right side but is recovering very well although she has a long way to go. She is very wobbly on her feet and her co-ordination is not great but we are hoping and praying that with time she will get much better. Sometimes I wish I had kept our kitties as indoor cats but they so love the outdoors.
Feeling rough.
Stretched out and feeling a lot happier.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Hidden object.

Our two legs mom has been busy doing other things rather than our posts and writing comments on your posts. She has her priorities all wrong!
This afternoon our mom went to tidy up..

 Mom goes to pick up the sleeping bag. It seems very heavy to her! She puts it down again...

Suddenly a paw appears! Mom opens up the bag....

It's me Buttons. Hey, I'm trying to sleep in here!