Monday, 29 August 2011

Mom's back!

Us kitties are glad that our mom is back, although we got well fed and looked after when she was away. Our mom wanted to show a few pictures from her travels.
Her favourite place on our travels in Virginia was the Shenandoah national park. Mom drove along some of the Blue Ridge parkway and the Skyline drive and found it so beautiful...

Mom climbed a long way up to get this photo!
 Mom made a friend in Lexington, Virginia. She went into a store to buy some presents and met a very friendly handsome fellow....

The store owners told mom she could feed this handsome kitty some kitty snacks ...
Nom, nom, nom, kitty likes treats.

Mom asks the kitty to look up for a snap shot but kitty is not obliging!
No, sorry I only look when I want to!!
Please look up lovely kitty!

The answer's still no!
Oh go on then, you better be quick with that flashy box thing!

Monday, 1 August 2011

kitty wash time and new snack.

Sorry our mom has been a bit slow in doing a new post this week. She has been busy planning her trip to Virginia, US to see the Blue Ridge mountains, Jamestown etc. which she is looking forward to. The bad news is, we kitties get left behind and although our mom's mom will be feeding us, we won't be given freshly cooked chicken and fish snacks, just the boring cat food stuff! Although our mom has promised to leave some cans of tuna, so we might let her off!

We kitties love to wash each other...
U r a dirty kitty, Buttons! I give u a good clean.
U  also dirty kitty Bea, I give u clean too.
Bea finds another tasty snack.....
I spot yeh!
In the shadows u hide Mr hoppy thing
Crunchie snack for moi, legs are a bit tickly!