Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas everyone from kittytracks!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year!
Just climbing up to say.........
Happy Christmas!

All this talk of christmas is making me sleepy!

Hope santa brings you many meaty treats!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Hi from us guys.

Sorry for our two legs mom who has been slacking in making and reading everyone's posts. She has been a busy mom and is feeling the winter or should we say autumn blues a little!
We kitties have been our usual busy selves.....
Sitting in the smelly laundry! 

Resting in the rubbish bags! Purrfectly comfy.

Loving the purple bag!

Lazing in the sun

See how busy we've been!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bea getting back on tracks.

Hi from Bea. I'm feeling much better now after my unpleasant incident with a large heavy monster thing on wheels! I'm able to eat and play again and my eyes are both blue again :)  I'm driving my two legs mom crazy as I'm desperate to go out into the big wide world again on my own but my mom has other ideas! .....
Mom thinks I'm a dog! She has put a harness and lead on me. I'm not impressed!!

The other kitties try and catch my lead and think it's a mouse! I get very annoyed!

At least I get to smell the fresh air and sit in the sunshine!

Yes I'm not quite back to normal self yet as my balance and co-ordination is not quite as good as it was but I'm getting there!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bea in recovery.

Just to say that our lovely Bea got hit by a car nearly 3 days ago and someone kindly stopped and rushed her to a vets, to which I'm forever grateful. Bea had severe head trauma on right side but is recovering very well although she has a long way to go. She is very wobbly on her feet and her co-ordination is not great but we are hoping and praying that with time she will get much better. Sometimes I wish I had kept our kitties as indoor cats but they so love the outdoors.
Feeling rough.
Stretched out and feeling a lot happier.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Hidden object.

Our two legs mom has been busy doing other things rather than our posts and writing comments on your posts. She has her priorities all wrong!
This afternoon our mom went to tidy up..

 Mom goes to pick up the sleeping bag. It seems very heavy to her! She puts it down again...

Suddenly a paw appears! Mom opens up the bag....

It's me Buttons. Hey, I'm trying to sleep in here!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Mom's back!

Us kitties are glad that our mom is back, although we got well fed and looked after when she was away. Our mom wanted to show a few pictures from her travels.
Her favourite place on our travels in Virginia was the Shenandoah national park. Mom drove along some of the Blue Ridge parkway and the Skyline drive and found it so beautiful...

Mom climbed a long way up to get this photo!
 Mom made a friend in Lexington, Virginia. She went into a store to buy some presents and met a very friendly handsome fellow....

The store owners told mom she could feed this handsome kitty some kitty snacks ...
Nom, nom, nom, kitty likes treats.

Mom asks the kitty to look up for a snap shot but kitty is not obliging!
No, sorry I only look when I want to!!
Please look up lovely kitty!

The answer's still no!
Oh go on then, you better be quick with that flashy box thing!

Monday, 1 August 2011

kitty wash time and new snack.

Sorry our mom has been a bit slow in doing a new post this week. She has been busy planning her trip to Virginia, US to see the Blue Ridge mountains, Jamestown etc. which she is looking forward to. The bad news is, we kitties get left behind and although our mom's mom will be feeding us, we won't be given freshly cooked chicken and fish snacks, just the boring cat food stuff! Although our mom has promised to leave some cans of tuna, so we might let her off!

We kitties love to wash each other...
U r a dirty kitty, Buttons! I give u a good clean.
U  also dirty kitty Bea, I give u clean too.
Bea finds another tasty snack.....
I spot yeh!
In the shadows u hide Mr hoppy thing
Crunchie snack for moi, legs are a bit tickly!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

A purrfect cat circle!

Just like Tober the library cat made a purrfect cat loaf , Bea makes a purrfect circle!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Crunchie snack time for Bea.

I love sunning myself in the garden...

mmmm, what can I see!

Spotted yeh!
If you have eagle eyes like moi, you can just about see my prey in the middle of this photo!
Zooming in you can see my tasty snack mmmmm!
Nom, nom, nom!

Friday, 8 July 2011

A day in the life of Timmy!

My favourite spot is sitting by the pool watching nature.

I love to drink pond water, however murky it may look!

Later I like to play catch the birdy feather

I like to sleep in all kinds of places. Today I choose high up in a quiet place.

Enough of that clicky flashy thing mom!