Thursday, 23 June 2011

Scary kitty!

I am one scary looking kitty!
Space kitty Bea from another planet!
I am Buttons and I sit in de bucket!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

It didn't stand a chance!

I Timmy like de moth things very much!
Hello, hello, what have we here!
A mothy thing, my favourite!
I dissect de mothy! It didn't stand a chance!
I'm such a Tiger!!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hi from the kitties of Kefalonia!

We kitties are here in Kefalonia, a Greek island. It is a beautiful island, but unfortunately most of us kitties are very thin and hungry and many of us have eye infections. We like it when tourists come along and eat at the tavernas. We hang around the table areas waiting for generous humans to drop tasty food. We particularly liked it when Ellie and Miguel from the UK came, as they fed us lots of tasty food like swordfish, squid and pork souvlaki!
We waited eagerly for more food. The two legs wanted to take us back home with them to the UK and look after us as many of us are not in good health. Here are some pictures of us.

Waiting eagerly!

I'm so pretty!

I'm a particularly hungry fellow and have very quick reactions to getting to the food first!
I'm a lovely ginger boy. I'm very frightened of people so won't come too close, which unfortunately means I don't get much food.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Our human mom and son have returned home!

Hi from the kitties of kitty tracks. Our human mom and son have returned from Kefalonia, a beautiful Greek island. Unfortunately they left us kitties behind and we missed our human friends. We searched next door and meowed loudly wondering where our humans had gone! Luckily, we had two lovely replacement humans to feed us and play games like chase the long grass/ mousie in the garden!
Here are a couple of photos of Kefalonia showing the beautiful countryside with olive and cypress trees..

There will be another post soon showing some Greek kitties....