Sunday, 27 March 2011

Exploring for insects!

Somewhere in the the undergrowth, Timmy searches for small creatures!

I saw it, I saw it! Is it a moth or a fly?

Got something!


  1. I can´t wait for the spring to arrive for real so me too can chase insects !
    PURRfect pictures on your hunt :)

  2. Extra protein snack!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. I love to do that too, And I got a bug..YUM !!!

  4. Bugs is good snack, but ours only get what comes in the door when we do. Now the outside kittiegirls get their full share and then some.

    It's fun to watch them out there chasing something so small I need my glasses on to see up close.

  5. Extra protein is great! We're looking forward to nomming on insects once our weather warms up and spring actually arrives!

    BTW, we're not sure if it's just us or if everyone is having this problem, but we can't see your sidebar items (followers/links) very well at all, because the sidebar seems to be transparent and blends in with the photos. Again, not sure if that's just us or everyone viewing.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  6. Yes Kea, I see the same thing. The pictures all needs be resized to fit in the Blog column. Maybe down to a 400pix width?

    Just a thought .....

  7. Yes, I know I should keep pictures smaller to fit better! I just think some photos look better when large, but I realize this means going over the edge which is a bit annoying, sorry! Not sure if it's possible to change the background so bigger pictures can fit or not?