Sunday, 8 May 2011

Exploring up in the tree.

Timmy has seen something interesting up in the tree...

                                What could it be!?

                                Let us have a look!

 Hey look at that bird! 

 Maybe they didn't see one like this !!


  1. That's quite a bird!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. That's a GINORMOUS birdy! YUM.
    We just found your blog, we're your newest followers!

  3. OMC ! I can eat that birdy for years !!!!
    I guess you try to catch for your mom : )

    Happy Mommy's Day !!!!
    I hope all of you have a purrfect time with your mommy
    Special Kiss and Hug from me

  4. Love your blog! Love the cats and even the peacock (that IS a peacock, right?). What we noticed more than anything, apart from the beauty of your big eyed babies are how good your pics are! Kudos. We hope you'll come see our new blog with lots of photos (maybe not as good as yours, though!) at:

    Thanks and have a wondeful weekend. Hopefully you won't have to call the fire dept. for a stereotypical "cat stuck in a tree" scenario!!

  5. Dat is one big bird. Makes me think of turkey, and turkey is good to ear. Not sure you can eat that one though. I'd look and not taste. Might be the best choice of all.

    Y'all come when you can.

    Buddy Bear and the girls and boys at 5 Oaks Manor.