Saturday, 2 July 2011

Kitty tussles!

We kitties get on most of the time but sometimes we love to have a tussle! Buttons is particularly good at starting things off!


  1. A kitty wrassling match is always fun!

  2. Oh, we always love a good tussle -- everyone around the CB knows how much we love to wrassle. LOL.

    So who won this round? :-D

  3. How exciting! Buttons went for the classic Tummy Lunge, we see.

  4. Wow !!! Bunny Kick to the head , That's the good one !!! Impressive Match!

  5. WOW . what a fight you had !!!
    I don´t have anyone to tussle with except for my BIG toy rat.
    I give him some real bunny kicks sometimes :)

    My mos has started to read Zen by Max for me and it´s a great book !!!
    I hope it will rain on her next holiday too so we can read about Norton :)
    It was some great things I got on the auction and the best was that the money was given to two catshelters !!!