Monday, 1 August 2011

kitty wash time and new snack.

Sorry our mom has been a bit slow in doing a new post this week. She has been busy planning her trip to Virginia, US to see the Blue Ridge mountains, Jamestown etc. which she is looking forward to. The bad news is, we kitties get left behind and although our mom's mom will be feeding us, we won't be given freshly cooked chicken and fish snacks, just the boring cat food stuff! Although our mom has promised to leave some cans of tuna, so we might let her off!

We kitties love to wash each other...
U r a dirty kitty, Buttons! I give u a good clean.
U  also dirty kitty Bea, I give u clean too.
Bea finds another tasty snack.....
I spot yeh!
In the shadows u hide Mr hoppy thing
Crunchie snack for moi, legs are a bit tickly!


  1. How Yummy! A nice cricket gets the taste of fur out of your mouth purrfectly!

  2. Oooh, Derry's never had a cricket! Just moths and dragonfly-like insects. That cricket looks very crunchy and yummy!

    Too bad about your mom deserting typical of our human servants to feel they deserve some time away. We certainly hope she brings you lots of treats and toys to make up for this terrible slip up in her feline care duties.

  3. Lookin good in the pictures guys.

    Sushi is good. We have it all the time. Just not much of it in this heat.

    Be nice for Grandmom and she may give you treats too.

  4. Berrry nice pictures on you 2 !!!
    That Bug Sushi looked Nom Nom ;-)
    Hope your mom has left a lot of Tuna cans for you , now when your grandma is going to watch you !!!
    Hope your mom will have a great vaccation !!!

  5. It looks like a great protein snack!

    I hope you have a nice time while your mom is gone & I hope she has a great vacation.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. Your cats certainly seem to enjoy eating bugs! Oh well, good source of protein, but no kitty kisses for me, thanks!