Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Intruder alert!

I come running in and then back out again with big tail alert, just look at my fluffed up tail!
Bea has also encountered alien intruder scent!

We begin sniffing for alien tracks

We hope the intruder won't return again!


  1. Oh, impressive bottle-brush tails! Nicki's will bristle up too, when an introoder is spied on the other side of the fence. We hope you scared him/her off!

  2. Oddly enough, we do not get freaked out by intruders. We are indoor-only, but we can occasionally see them from our windows - my human has even pointed them out to me - but it's no big deal to us.

  3. I call that my UPS man tail.
    ; )

  4. WOW what a BIG bottle-brush tail you got there !
    Introuders are a BIG NOT WAN`T them around !!

  5. How cute are you two !!! My Lilly Ann could be your twin. She's gone now but still .. you remind me of her so much.