Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hi from the kitties of Kefalonia!

We kitties are here in Kefalonia, a Greek island. It is a beautiful island, but unfortunately most of us kitties are very thin and hungry and many of us have eye infections. We like it when tourists come along and eat at the tavernas. We hang around the table areas waiting for generous humans to drop tasty food. We particularly liked it when Ellie and Miguel from the UK came, as they fed us lots of tasty food like swordfish, squid and pork souvlaki!
We waited eagerly for more food. The two legs wanted to take us back home with them to the UK and look after us as many of us are not in good health. Here are some pictures of us.

Waiting eagerly!

I'm so pretty!

I'm a particularly hungry fellow and have very quick reactions to getting to the food first!
I'm a lovely ginger boy. I'm very frightened of people so won't come too close, which unfortunately means I don't get much food.


  1. It would be very hard to see so many homeless/feral cats. We know most kitties around the world aren't so lucky as some of us, to be pampered and spoiled and live indoors. Our mom always says that if you don't have respect and care for non-human beings, you probably don't have much or any for human beings, either, because she believes we're all One.

  2. What a side side of such a beautiful place.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. We know that those kitties were lucky to see your humans, we bet they gave them lots of treats!

  4. Miaow , Miaow !
    Poor kitties that doesn´t have any mom or dad :(
    My mom´s parents used to go to Rhodos every year , and they say there are a lot of straycats there too. Mom´s parents are giving money to a catshelter there :)
    Gustav doesnt live with me , he is a blogfriend that lives moore south in Sweden then I do :)

  5. Those Greek kitties are so cute! Oh heck, all kitties are so cute! So sad they don't have furrever homes with lots of clean water to drink and good food to eat. I especially like the orange boy. I think he is another brother of another mother to me too!