Friday, 3 June 2011

Our human mom and son have returned home!

Hi from the kitties of kitty tracks. Our human mom and son have returned from Kefalonia, a beautiful Greek island. Unfortunately they left us kitties behind and we missed our human friends. We searched next door and meowed loudly wondering where our humans had gone! Luckily, we had two lovely replacement humans to feed us and play games like chase the long grass/ mousie in the garden!
Here are a couple of photos of Kefalonia showing the beautiful countryside with olive and cypress trees..

There will be another post soon showing some Greek kitties....


  1. Welcome home to your beans! It looks like they had a fabulous holiday!

  2. Me and my humans really love seeing Browser travel to different libraries too! We love library cats a lot. Meow!

    And some friends who have spent a lot of time in Greece sad that Greek government gathered up a lot of stray cats and killed them before the Olympics that one year. Is that true?

  3. So youre 2-legged has also been on the run ?!
    My mom was in Amsterdam in may.
    Lookes really nice on that greek island !!

  4. Hi there. In reply to the question from kitikata-san, I'm not sure about before the Olympics but I have heard of cases of Hotel management and others on Greek islands poisoning cats which is terrible. A Greek animal rescue charity has helped with this plight. There address is: