Monday, 24 October 2011

Just chillin out.


  1. OMG! The 3 of you sleeping together is just so cute! Also, thank you for checking in on me. My tail, it is possible that I have 2 things going on. It could have been the F-word (fleas) and I think I may have some separation anxiety from my humans and I lick to self-sooth. The licking one spot over and over helps calm me.

  2. chilling in a gang - Oh my! we only do that as a twosome... Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  3. My mom say´s = Awww sooo cute you are sleeping all three together !

  4. Aww I love that second picture with all your paws in - you're the 3 mouseketeers... all for one and one for all!! =^..^=

  5. Aye! "All for one" .... and all that other pirate puddy blather. Love the pictures, especially the threesome. Priceless that shot. Well, they all are but that one is special.

    I was shocked to read about the accident, but am SOOO happy to read that the healing process is going well. I hate to say it but it is my opinion little domesticates should NOT be out loose and left to their own devices. Here's our love and best wishes for a complete recovery. Please take care of that baby.

    Thanks for the visit to Buddy's Place. I am soon to get my 'stuff' together and to get back with the Blogging again. Life is just not a bowl of cherries all the time, especially when a person keeps adding decade after decade to the 'mileage' on the old body.

    Y'all come see us when you can. We'll do the same.

    Roy, Lisa, Buddy, and the rest of the residents of Five Oaks Manor.