Friday, 18 November 2011

Hi from us guys.

Sorry for our two legs mom who has been slacking in making and reading everyone's posts. She has been a busy mom and is feeling the winter or should we say autumn blues a little!
We kitties have been our usual busy selves.....
Sitting in the smelly laundry! 

Resting in the rubbish bags! Purrfectly comfy.

Loving the purple bag!

Lazing in the sun

See how busy we've been!


  1. Love all the photos on you guy´s !!
    My mom has been very busy too with her job :(
    But this weekend she has three day´s off :)

  2. You two have been very busy for sure!

    Our mom understands about the impending winter blues--the lack of daylight and the snow and cold and ice are difficult to deal with. We think you'll both cheer her up, though!

  3. Buddy Bear says: "Da 'Large One', me Da, says he 'n da 'Small One', me Mom, both needs da cheerin up too. Me fuzzmates all has a hard time makin wif da 'happyies' tryin to heps dem get overs it. It workin ....

    We loves da piktures, and da cuddle places you all has. It fun to finds new ones, speshul lak when da Beans is dere too!"

  4. My my you two have been busy! Chilling and napping is hard work, but someone's got to do it :)